Simon Power produces music & sound design for audio drama releases from Big Finish and The BBC.

He is an award-winning short filmmaker and has produced more than 60 short films for music & technology website, Sonic State.

As Dream Valley Music he has composed music that appears on TV ads, games  & feature films with clients such as Audi, Braun, Amazon Prime, Adult Swim, ITV Productions, Bungie, NBC & Showtime.

He was formerly Senior Audio Editor at BBC Audio, editing audiobooks, dramas and Radio shows for general release. He was a consultant for added value such as unreleased archive programmes, outtakes, and video interviews. Since starting meonsound he has worked on over 70 Sci-Fi releases from Blake’s 7 & Doctor Who.


He is also currently signed to Banco de Gaia’s Disco Gecko record label with frequent releases resulting in an appearance at Glastonbury Festival in 2017 & 2019.