welcome to meonsound 2017...

meonsound is a flexible, independent audio/visual production studio.
We make podcasts & audio dramas and produce documentaries, virals & web media
for websites & businesses.

meonsound is home to Simon Power who composes all the music & sound design for
BBC Audio's
Classic Doctor Who audio releases and Blake's 7 audio dramas from Big Finish.

As Dream Valley Music he produces music for film, TV, games and web media.
Customers include Audi, BBC, ITV, Google, Bungie & Showtime.

meonsound now offers a new & unique music consultancy service

So please get in touch if we can help with your creative audio/visual projects.

...Have fun and enjoy your visit!

 Skyline Loft Conversions. Voiceover, music & sound design produced by meonsound.


Making A Cello. Ever wondered how a cello is made? Our film shows the whole process.


Circle Of Souls was selected for the Portobello Film Festival 2014.

The Top 20 Greatest Synths videos are now available to buy for a mere $9.99.
Follow the link to watch our chart rundown series produced for