me on film...
We can create new & exciting low cost video content by editing together existing footage & other media. We can create new video content from scratch by filming interviews, animating stills, creating titles & recording audio clips & royalty free music. Whether it's a viral, bumper ad or IPTV slot. We can do all this starting from £250 (approx $388)...
We can do this right now!

“We love your film ‘It Steams A Dream’ ...”
Red Earth Productions on using meonsound's film concept for a Dove Soap ad in the USA.

“The Weirdest Instruments show is just FAB”
Synth Diva, Little Boots got turned on by my music documentaries.

"Dolly should get her own TV series!"
Film director, Ken Loach after watching an interview with passer-by Dolly in 'Market Cafe'.

“I love your sense of humour & the Greatest Synth documentaries were so well made”
sound designer Simon James (simonsound) was entertained by my synthesiser series.

“These bumper ads are just what we want for the products release.”
Yamaha Japan loved their Tenorion ads

Artist David Brayne talks about his unique watercolour techniques.

DEVO are a legendary band with legions of faithful fans worldwide.
Here's a film I made for music technology website Sonic State.
It features camera & lighting from Andy MacCreeth.

"It Steam's A Dream" is a short film about a vintage car renovation.
It has won two digital arts awards as 'Best Short Film'.

 Metal detectorist Dave Crisp discovered a huge hoard of treasure which changed his life.
Winner of 'Best Film' at the Hamstone Film Festival 2013.