Quotes from customers...


"Dream Valley Music is the best stock music ever!"
Tom Kenny, the voice of Spongebob Squarepants is an Elliot Simons fan.

The Weirdest Instruments show is just FAB!”
Synth Diva, Little Boots got turned on by our music documentaries.

 David Walliams liked the meonsound produced Little Britain audio documentary 'The Story of Little Britain'.

Matt Lucas liked the meonsound produced Little Britain audio documentary 'The Story of Little Britain'.

"Great music. Just what we needed for our advertising campaign. Superb."
Mark Ashcroft is creative director at children's lifestyle company Mamas & Papas.

"I love your sense of humour & the Greatest Synth documentaries were so well made”
Sound designer Simon James (simonsound) was entertained by meonsound's synthesiser series.

" I think the music and the sound effects really work – partly because they are so precise in their dubbing."
Barry Letts, director of Dr Who TV series on meonsound design.

“We love your film ‘It Steams A Dream’...”
Red Earth Productions on using a meonsound film concept for a Dove Soap ads campaign in the USA.

“These bumper ads are just what we want for the products release.”
Yamaha Japan loved their Tenorion ads

"Your music is fantastic and Enchanted Treasure was just what we needed for the project! If the opportunity ever is there I’d love to work with you on another project:)"
Film Director Stian Hafstad. (We have worked together on three more projects since then)

"The sound design is quite simply stunning. A brilliantly produced CD..."
Martin Day, author of Children Of Steel enjoyed the CD audio release of his Sarah Jane Adventures episode.

"Your score sounds very impressive. I had a listen through and it sounds great!"
Kathryn Hughs, director of 2012 movie, Zombie King.

"Great music and SFX!"
Gareth Roberts likes the audio release of his novel, SHADA by Douglas Adams.

"what a brilliant, thoughtful, detailed score. I’m constantly surprised by how much your music can lift a single voice reading and give it extra dynamism, and this one is a real case in point."
ichael Stevens (head of Sci Fi, BBC Audio) on 'The Cybermen'.

"This is beautifully put together!"

David Braidy, Museum of Techno on The Top 20 Synths IPTV series